Very Important Christ on Mount Golgotha, Toledo school of the Theotocópuli, Domenikos and Jorge Manuel (Toledo, 1578-Toledo, 1631), Spanish school of the late 16th century - early 17th century

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Impactful representation of careful scenography, sobriety and meditation clearly framed in the Toledo or Madrid Late Mannerist school and models very close to Jorge Manuel Theotocópuli (Toledo, 1578-Toledo, 1631), where we identify Christ on the Cross on Mount Golgotha in his last breath before passing into Eternal Life and resurrecting. Next to him, Dimas and Gestas, the two thieves who were executed along with the Son of Man. We identify Gestas to the right of Christ, repentant at the end of his life for the misdeeds he had committed, and Dimas with the one to the left of him, who turns on the cross in a grotesque and extravagant position, a symbol of his own tormented conscience of him. Even the fact of presenting a red-haired character, like Cain and Judas, is traditionally the representation of evil. Ex-sevillian private collection.